At Middlebury Recycling Facilities we offer a variety of services to fit a wide array of needs.  We can provide your business with  a free waste audit to determine how our company can best serve yours.  At larger establishments we usually utilize semi trailers to collect recyclables, where as at smaller facilities we can provide the you the client with smaller trailers containing removable totes to fill with recyclables. MRF also picks up baled material as well!

Along with providing your facility with an outlet for recyclables we will also pay you rebates on recyclables such as cardboard, plastics, copper wire, office paper, and styrofoam.

Middlebury Recycling is always striving to be better than our competition thats why we offer free waste audits for the length of our services.  This ensures you are getting the most out of your recycling program and the largest rebate possible.  Audits can be performed as often or as little as you see fit!

Seeking to become landfill free? Middlebury Recycling has helped lead multiple companies to becoming landfill free!  Receiving Landfill free status is not just something that’s good for the environment, it can give you an advantage over your competition!  Just ask about our landfill free consulting services!