Middlebury Recycling Facilities was founded in July of 2014. We opened our doors for business in October of 2014 in Bristol, Indiana. Our 31,000 square foot facility includes six truck docks, and a brand new certified truck scale accurate within 20lbs that we installed January of 2015.

Middlebury Recycling Facilities is a new company, but we are in no way new to recycling. Our founder, has been in the industrial recycling sector for 15 years, during that time he created an extensive network that now allows us to offer clients the most competitive rebates possible. It has also enabled us to find outlets for materials that would ordinarily be sent to the landfill.

Since day one our founder sought to do business with one principle in mind, honesty. He believed that people ought to be treated fairly and know exactly what they were getting, and what they could expect from him. This simple principle is what Middlebury Recycling Facilities was founded upon. We operate with complete transparency so you the customer know exactly what goes on with your material and how much of a rebate you can expect for your materials. We send monthly statements containing the weights of all the material we receive so you can see exactly what we processed and how you were compensated for each of those materials. Statements and rebates are issued monthly beginning one month after we receive our first shipment from your company. We encourage you to contact any of our clients regarding our services and we can guarantee you will be pleased with your findings.